Developed by Innovative ITMS

Under Development...

...this application is in the final design and development phase - please check back regularly for updates on included functionality and expected release dates.


Expected Functionality

This browser based application focuses on optimizing the day to day administrative tasks of the IT department and is scheduled to include:

Current System Inventory - compiles a comprehensive list of all systems (both manual and electronic) used in the management of data / information in the organization

Contract Management - enables you to keep track of all of your IT related contracts in one system to include: renewal dates; termination procedures; contact information; support and maintenance fees; etceteras

Expense Budget Management - create and manage to a detailed annual expense budget

Capital Budget Management - create and manage to a detailed annual capital budget

Staff Management - track hire dates, annual review dates, earned time off rates, annual vacation days, etceteras in support of developing / managing the expense budget as well as enhanced capacity planning

On-line Organization Chart - create and publish an on-line organization chart


IT Project Control

Improves outcomes and productivity by maximizing the utilization of staff & financial resources

IT Department Management

Focuses on  streamlining departmental tasks

IT Methodologies

Enhances the capture and analysis of  IT related data in support of the IS Strategic Planning process