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...of your limited resources by utilizing these fully integrated tools, processes and methodologies to maximize when, how and why your staff and budget are allocated.


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Role Based Security - determines how each user interacts with the system

Project Request Form - can be submitted by any user to capture identified needs

Project and Funding Approvals - used by both IT and Non-IT Management staff

Updates & Issue Tracking - records project statuses, updates, next steps, issue lists with owners and deadlines

Standardized Dashboards & Reports - view compiled information that includes updates, issues, deadlines, etceteras

Project Management - monitors progress against established tollgates / timelines

Staff Assignments - tracks project team member's roles and contact information

Time Entry - captures actual hours worked plus future estimated hours by project

Capacity Analysis - make immediate assignment adjustments based on real time resource utilization data

Executive Voting - enables the IS Steering Committee members to provide input on future project needs and prioritization

IT Project Control

Improves outcomes and productivity by maximizing the utilization of staff & financial resources

IT Department Management

Focuses on  streamlining departmental tasks

IT Methodologies

Enhances the capture and analysis of  IT related data in support of the IS Strategic Planning process