Maximizing Resource Utilization

Welcome... a new world of integrated tools and methodologies designed to enable today's IT managers to efficiently and effectively utilize their staff and financial resources to improve outcomes and maximize productivity.

Real Tools for Real Results

Fully supports the Software Development Life Cycle....


Collect Needs

Enables anyone to submit project requests with expected benefits & potential solutions

Approve Projects

Work does not begin until the project has been approved and funded by upper management

Prioritize Work

Steering Committee prioritizes approved requests against the organization's goals & initiatives

Coordinate Solutions

Use the same system to manage current projects while preparing long term plans

Track Project Time

Project roles are assigned and team members enter their actual and estimated hours

Analyze Capacity

Know exactly how your resources are being utilized to make real time adjustments

Manage Projects

Utilize project updates and issue tracking to manage projects against their tollgates

Dashboards & Reports

View compiled information that includes current updates, issues, deadlines, etceteras


IT Project Control

Improves outcomes and productivity by maximizing the utilization of staff & financial resources

IT Department Management

Focuses on  streamlining departmental tasks

IT Methodologies

Enhances the capture and analysis of  IT related data in support of the IS Strategic Planning process