Maximizing Resource Utilization

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Return on Investment

Increased Productivity / Reduced Overtime - This application will save 1 to 3 hours per person per week in project documentation time.  By capturing all data real time in a standardized form, you and your staff will spend only minutes each week collecting, compiling, formatting and distributing time sheets, status reports, critical issues lists, capitalization reports, etceteras.

Increased End User and Executive Satisfaction - Combine the newly released administrative time with the time saved through improved project management to gain enough free capacity to accept and complete even more projects without increasing staff costs.

Total Cost of Ownership

Support Fees - The annual support contract includes a set block of hours for standard e-mail and regular business hours phone support per year.  Additional blocks of 10, 25, 50 and 100 support hours per year are also available for purchase.

Maintenance Fees - There are no annual maintenance fees; instead, future versions will be offered at a reduced rate to current customers.


IT Project Control

Improves outcomes and productivity by maximizing the utilization of staff & financial resources

IT Department Management

Focuses on  streamlining departmental tasks

IT Methodologies

Enhances the capture and analysis of  IT related data in support of the IS Strategic Planning process